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Starting your business can be an exciting new venture, but the ever-growing list of tasks can become overwhelming. Managing time, projects, and communication is a lot for one person.

The good news is, there are a multitude of task management tools online to help you be more productive. Here are a few of my favorite free task management tools that can get you started on the road to an efficient, stress-free organization!

1.   Asana

As you are starting your business and getting your team together, it can be hard to get everyone on the same page. Asana can help you and your team communicate and manage projects efficiently. Instantly see any time conflicts, and track the progress of any of the projects you are working on together. You can also share files with your team for quick and easy communication and use boards to organize go-to files, standard operating procedures and training.

2.   Friday

Friday is a planner app that helps you see your day at a glance! It has tons of features and integrates with other apps like Google Calendar and Trello – which is number 3 on this list! You can see your meetings for the day, daily and weekly tasks, as well as your goals for the day/week. Having paper planners and post-it notes can be great, but as your business grows, seeing everything in one place is a necessity! I also like this planner because it makes it easy to collaborate with your team by sharing meeting notes and company announcements.

3.   Trello

Trello is a task and project management tool that can help you visualize your daily task list. It’s free and you can use it for yourself, or use it to collaborate with a team! Make an unlimited number of lists, and add as many tasks and events as you need. As you create your brand assets, you can use Trello’s boards to organize them.  You can also personalize your boards with photos, assign tasks to other team members, and organize your personal and team goals in one place. I also appreciate that you can use Trello on your phone and computer, so you are never without your to-do list!

4.   Todoist

Speaking of to-do lists, Todoist is another free option for managing your tasks. Todoist enables you to see your list of tasks and add new ones as they come. You can easily add a task, set its priority level, assign tasks to others, and track your productivity. You may find that Todoist organization style makes more sense to you, or you may like what Trello has to offer.

5.   Monday

Monday is your tool to help with task management. Monday has many options for task boards like organization, communication, automation, integrations, and templates. Some options. As a founder, you are working on multiple projects and you may not know how long it takes to complete them. Visualizing what you spend time on in a day can help you find ways to manage it more efficiently.

As a start-up founder, you are likely trying to find the easiest and least expensive way to stay organized. Start by trying a few task management apps from this list and upgrade your favorite tool to get a more robust set of features and make the most of each day.