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BRANDS Strategically


BRANDS Strategically

 Unlock Your Brand With a Proven Framework

You need a brand that is true to you, that resonates with the very people you want to serve and, most importantly, converts. We start with a brand strategy to get total clarity on your vision, philosophy and goals; craft and integrate your core brand messaging, and build you a brand that is attractive, consistent and engaging.

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Helping Companies Stand Out Since 2014

Lina was a pleasure to work with. Her unique difference is that she listens very well. She really tries to understand what the customer is seeking to accomplish. Her insights and professional input have been invaluable, and her use of language is fantastic. She has been great for our business and we would recommend her for any project she might be invited to take a look at. We will work with Lina again in the future.

Fergus Doyle

The Business Troubleshooters

Extremely competent when it comes to brand management, marketing, and web design. I would highly recommend Lina and her team at 712 Creative if you need help in building your brand, marketing your products and services, or creating your website and marketing materials. She is fabulous!


Mark Deterding

Triune Leadership Services

Lina is a real deal!! Very good in creating a brand message, putting together ways of reaching the audience, editing web content/ writing it from scratch PLUS valuable quick suggestions and feedback without any delay in communication. I really enjoyed working with Elina from day 1 and will certainly be working with her again. When she says she wants to help Entrepreneurs she is not lying even a bit. A++ Recommended any day!



Our Capabilities



From Brand and Marketing Strategy, to Brand Style Guides, Logos, Mission Statements, Core Values and Ongoing Brand Management, we take branding seriously.

We get to know your purpose, vision and culture and help you create a brand platform that is unique, complete and 100% reflects who you are.

The reality is, you can’t afford NOT to brand. The longer you wait, the more time and money you waste shooting in the dark. Let’s clear the fog once and for all and identify your ideal customers, create a consistent brand identity that’s authentic and unique and set up an action plan to grow your brand.


Copy and Content

Your copy is what delivers your brand message to your target audience.

Has your copy ever been overlooked in favor of design? It won’t happen here! We carefully craft your core brand messaging first and help manage ongoing content creation.

From Content Strategy, to Web and Sales Copy, to Blogging, we create, edit, manage and deliver the right content to the right audiences at the right time.

Need another brain in the room? We’ll audit your copy and content for brand relevance, clarity, effectiveness and overall quality.



Design ties together your brand elements and helps present your brand personality and company culture, differentiate your brand and products, and make your brand consistent and memorable.

We start with brand identity design and bring together the perfect fonts, colors and imagery to convey your brand image. We then design memorable logos, websites, social media headers and collateral so you can get out there and market with confidence.



Campaigns are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you are welcoming new customers to your brand, hosting a webinar or launching a new Facebook ad, you need a solid funnel, the right content, on-brand design and careful execution.

We help you create social media schedules and posts, launch ad campaigns, create email campaigns and newsletters and use the newest marketing automation tools to assess and continually monitor your leads, conversions and other brand metrics.

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