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Aliya Wanek – Reimagining a Brand’s Identity and Strategy

The Client

The client is a burgeoning fashion entrepreneur specializing in timeless, sustainable, and minimalist wardrobe essentials. Despite having an array of high-quality and environmentally-friendly products, the client was struggling to reach her target audience and establish a solid brand identity.


The client needed a comprehensive and cohesive brand strategy, from defining buyer personas to executing a relatable and appealing brand messaging. The goal was not only to attract more customers but also to strengthen customer loyalty and boost repeat purchases.

Our Approach

  • Buyer Persona Development: We started by defining the client’s primary and secondary buyer personas. This included “Jane,” an environmentally-conscious, 26-year-old, trendy city dweller with a well-paying job and “Joe,” a practical, 35-year-old, suburban family man interested in quality and longevity. These personas guided the messaging, marketing strategies, and content creation moving forward.
  • Brand Messaging and Positioning: We developed brand messaging that reflects the client’s commitment to sustainability, quality, and timeless style. The brand was positioned as a solution for conscious consumers who value quality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility, allowing customers to feel good about their purchases.
  • Communication Guidelines: We developed communication guidelines that form the foundation for how the brand interacts with its audience. The guidelines embody the brand’s personality and values, ensuring consistency across all platforms and interactions. With a focus on authenticity, empathy, and sustainability, the communication style is designed to be engaging, inspirational, and informative. The brand voice leans into a casual yet polished tone, with clarity and straightforwardness to simplify complex sustainability topics. Moreover, the guidelines stress the importance of regular and transparent communication with the audience, fostering trust and establishing the brand as a reliable and relatable entity in the world of sustainable fashion.
  • Marketing Strategy: Based on the personas and the new brand identity, we created an extensive marketing plan. This included developing SEO-friendly content themes such as “sustainability and fashion,” “timeless style tips,” and “our products/collections.” We suggested a balanced mix of content to be posted on various social media platforms, including thought leadership pieces, promotional posts, customer reviews, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. We also recommended the use of influencer marketing, particularly through collaborations and takeovers.

The Results

By defining clear buyer personas, refining brand messaging, and creating a strategic marketing plan, we set the stage for the client’s future growth. We established a unified brand identity, made recommendations to improve their online presence, and provided a roadmap to better reach and engage their target audience. As the client implements these strategies, they are poised to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic, and ultimately boost sales.

Brand Messaging

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