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Journey With G branding and website

My goal is to guide you as you return to your truth, discover your natural gifts, empower you to co-create a life that is amazing and congruent with your Inner Guidance.

The Client

Live life to the fullest

Genia is a trauma-informed mindset success coach, intuitive, spiritual seeker and blissfully happy wife, sister, daughter, business owner, life lover and mom of two kids–Jade (11) and Drake (8)–and Goldendoodle named Harley living in San Diego CA. Genia helps individuals, parents, and leaders discover and unlock their inner genius faster so they can live fully, unapologetically, and successfully in their life, parenting and career.

The Problem

Tender Loving Care for a website

Genia had an amazing service to offer and an unbreakable desire to help others but her website wasn’t up to her standards; it needed some major TLC to better reflect who she was and what she believed in.

Our Role

Brand Messaging

Website Architecture

Website Design

The Results

A reflection of Genia

Lina from 712 Creative came in to help Genia redesign her website. She helped to make it “clean” and “unique” as Genia had requested. Additionally, Lina added textures and accents to the websites, such as gold elements and pink floral patterns that represented Genia’s personality and style.

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