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Helping Lemonhat Build a Cohesive Brand Strategy and Identity

The Client

Lemonhat, a Bay Area-based grocery delivery app, approached us with a need for a cohesive brand strategy and identity. As a small local business aiming to support other small businesses in the community, they sought our expertise in developing their brand messaging, positioning, and marketing strategy. Additionally, they required marketing collateral for both their merchant and consumer audiences, assistance with social media launch, and running targeted Facebook ads.


  • Lack of a clear brand strategy and identity: Lemonhat needed a well-defined brand strategy that would resonate with both merchants and consumers, conveying their unique value proposition and differentiating them from their competitors.
  • Developing targeted marketing collateral: Lemonhat required marketing collateral that effectively communicated their offerings and benefits to both merchants and consumers, highlighting the value they bring to the local community.
  • Orchestrating a successful social media launch: Lemonhat needed guidance in planning and executing a social media launch that would generate awareness, engagement, and drive sign-ups from their target audience.
  • Running effective Facebook ads: Lemonhat wanted to run targeted Facebook ads to reach potential customers and merchants, optimizing their ad campaigns for maximum engagement and conversions.

Our Approach

Brand Strategy and Identity Development:

    • Conducted in-depth research and analysis of the market, target audience, and competitors to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that resonated with Lemonhat’s mission and values.
    • Created buyer personas for both merchants and consumers, understanding their needs, pain points, and aspirations to craft targeted messaging.
    • Developed a brand messaging framework and positioning strategy that emphasized Lemonhat’s support for local businesses, convenience, and unique product offerings.

Marketing Collateral Development:

    • Collaborated with Lemonhat to create compelling marketing collateral tailored to both merchants and consumers, showcasing the benefits of joining the platform and shopping with Lemonhat.
    • Developed informative and engaging blog posts, social media content, and lead magnets that provided value to the target audience while aligning with Lemonhat’s brand messaging and positioning.
    • Ensured consistent branding and messaging across all marketing collateral to establish a cohesive brand identity.

Social Media Launch:

    • Devised a comprehensive social media launch strategy, including content planning, engagement tactics, and influencer partnerships to generate buzz and attract followers.
    • Created visually appealing and engaging social media posts that showcased Lemonhat’s unique selling propositions, encouraging audience interaction and sharing.
    • Monitored social media channels, responded to comments and messages, and fostered a sense of community by actively engaging with followers.

Facebook Advertising:

  • Conducted audience research and developed detailed buyer personas to create highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns for both merchants and consumers.
  • Optimized ad copy, visuals, and targeting parameters to maximize reach, engagement, and conversions.
  • Tracked ad performance, analyzed data, and made data-driven optimizations to continuously improve campaign results.

The Results

  • Lemonhat successfully established a cohesive brand strategy and identity that resonated with their target audience, conveying their commitment to supporting local businesses.
  • The marketing collateral created for both merchants and consumers effectively communicated the benefits of joining Lemonhat, resulting in increased sign-ups and customer engagement.
  • The social media launch generated significant brand awareness, increased follower count, and drove traffic to the Lemonhat platform.
  • The targeted Facebook ad campaigns reached a relevant audience, resulting in increased conversions, both from new merchants joining the platform and consumers placing orders.

The Conclusion

By providing Lemonhat with a comprehensive brand strategy and identity, targeted marketing collateral, orchestrating a successful social media launch, and running effective Facebook ads, we helped them establish a strong presence in the market. Lemonhat now has a clear and compelling brand message that resonates with their audience, driving engagement and conversions. As a result, they are well-positioned to support local businesses and thrive in the competitive grocery delivery industry while fostering a sense of community within the Bay Area.

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