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Medina Coffee Company brand messaging and social media campaigns

On a mission to connect people to more balance, to each other, and to our planet through world’s original coffee

The Client

Ancient art of coffee making

Based in Oman and delighting customers all over the world, Medina Coffee Company delivers the world’s best Arabic coffee experience to everyone who loves coffee. Their coffee kits contain exclusive Specialty Yemeni Coffee, a proprietary blend of exotic Arabic spices and a measuring spoon, along with a few recipes to get you started. While everybody loves their traditional Arabic coffee recipe, customers enjoy experimenting with cold brews, lattes, and cappuccinos- or even making it in a coffee maker. During  their zoom classes they teach customers the proper way to prepare Arabic coffee, as well as the history of coffee and the proper Arabic coffee ritual.

The Problem

Getting the flavor out

Our client needed help to create effective brand messaging, a robust website, and an influential social media presence.

Our Role

Brand Messaging

Brand Strategy

Buyer Personas


Social Media

The Results

The influence of coffee

Medina Coffee Company now has defined and intentional messaging that communicates the benefits of their product, their ethical approach, and eco-friendly values.  Their website features not only brand story and product information but other useful content and helps the users learn the history of coffee, acquaints the users with the arabic coffee ritual and makes it easy to buy. Their Instagram account is active and growing.

I’ve worked in e-commerce for over ten years, and when it comes to digital marketing, they’re one of the best.

Medina Ilyassova

Founder, Medina Coffee Company

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