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Upscribbr branding and website

Upscribbr helps you sell your product or service on autopilot and create reliable recurring revenue with subscriptions!

The Client

Subscription conveniences for everything 

With the goal of saving time, and giving people more control over their experiences, lifestyle, and financial freedom, Silas Wellington decided to create Upscribbr – the world’s first subscription marketplace that empowers small businesses with a simple to use platform for adopting, integrating, and deploying a subscription business model to their customer base, at the same time giving every user the capability to fully control and manage all their subscriptions in one secure app and the experience of discovering exclusive subscriptions products and services locally. Upscribbr is an app that allows you to discover, purchase and manage subscriptions from your favorite local businesses – right from your smartphone.

The Problem

Upscribbr had a great business idea, but they needed a strong brand to launch their product, attract investment and grow their footprint.  They needed a clear brand messaging, customer analysis and a brand strategy to develop and market their product to the right audience.

Our Role

Brand Messaging

Brand Strategy

Buyer Personas

Web content and Blogs

Marketing campaigns

The Results

What started as an app, with little to no brand messaging and lacking direction, turned into an impressive brand with the help of 712 Creative. We helped Upscribbr develop brand messaging, brand assets, and helped prepare everything necessary for investors. Furthermore, we helped the client launch their comprehensive and complex website offering subscriptions to buyers and sellers, which also entailed creating two different forms of messaging. Our client now has a solid foundation for his brand messaging and strategy. Furthermore, he now has a comprehensive website to operate his business from.

“The team at Creative Shock Marketing provided excellent customer service. Their understanding of the our industry and ability to accept feedback made them stand out from competitors. Customers can expect a flexible team with a broad range of capabilities.”

Silas Wellington

Founder & CEO, Upscribbr

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