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Water Eyes Wonders – Crafting a Cohesive Brand Strategy and Identity

The Client

Water Eyes Wonders, a start-up company, approached us with a need to establish a cohesive brand strategy and identity for their innovative underwater viewer product. The client aimed to create a brand that prioritized safety, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability while providing an exceptional underwater viewing experience.


  • Lack of Brand Strategy: Water Eyes Wonders needed guidance in defining their brand’s core values, target audience, and unique selling propositions.
  • Messaging Clarity: The client struggled with communicating their brand story and product benefits effectively, both internally and externally.
  • Market Positioning: Water Eyes Wonders sought assistance in positioning themselves among competitors and carving out a distinctive space in the market.

Our Approach

Brand Strategy Development:

  • Conducted extensive market research to identify target audience preferences, market trends, and opportunities.
  • Assisted in persona development to create a deep understanding of the ideal customers, their needs, and pain points.
  • Collaborated with the client to define the brand’s core values, mission, and vision, aligning them with the target audience’s desires and the product’s unique features.
  • Crafted a comprehensive brand strategy that encompassed messaging, positioning, and value proposition.

Brand Messaging and Positioning:

  • Developed brand messaging that highlights the brand values and value proposition
  • Developed key brand messages and brand story
  • Developed communications blueprint to ensure consistency across all communication channels, from website content to social media posts, reflecting the brand’s caring, adventurous, inclusive, and friendly tone.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Conducted analysis of the target audience’s preferences, behaviors, and preferred marketing channels.
  • Developed a multi-channel marketing strategy that included digital marketing, content creation, social media engagement, influencer partnerships, direct mail marketing, and participation in industry tradeshows.
  • Created lead magnet topics, blog strategies, and recommendations for leveraging digital marketing to increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement.

The Results

  • Defined Brand Identity: Water Eyes Wonders now has a well-defined brand identity that aligns with their target audience and product offering. Their unique brand personality resonates throughout their messaging.
  • Clear and Compelling Messaging: Water Eyes Wonders effectively communicates their brand story, product benefits, and commitment to ocean conservation. Their messaging highlights safety, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability, setting them apart in the market.
  • Enhanced Market Positioning: Water Eyes Wonders occupies a unique position as a provider of safe, inclusive, and eco-friendly underwater viewing experiences. Their brand stands out as an accessible alternative to traditional snorkeling and diving options.
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy: The client has a comprehensive marketing strategy in place, leveraging various channels to reach their target audience, generate brand awareness, and drive customer engagement.
  • *** We also updated and expanded the visual brand identity they had already started developing.
  • *** We are currently in the process of building a website and developing content strategy and social launch posts.

Brand Messaging

Graphic Design

Thank You 712 Creative for bringing my Start up Company to life!

Lina consistently answered my questions and explained things in detail when I didn’t understand. The quality of work put into my personalized branding was above and beyond. The brand design options (from colors to typography) I was given for each step were amazing and distinctive. Lina went straight to the source of inspiration behind my brand to create my viral identity and captured the colors and essence spot-on!

In my opinion, without a strong brand messaging, you don’t have a brand. Lina brought everything together so beautifully – from my brand values, to story, to product benefits. I feel like 712 Creative truly got to know me and crafted an identity and messaging that transformed what was in my mind into everything I want my Company to be.

Julie Dolan

Water Eyes Wonders

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